I use photography to create human landscapes where events just happened or are about to occur, and yet we are not certain about the moment we arrive as observers. I’m interested in taking the image from its original moment to bring it to an unexpected mood. Color and monochromes help induce the emotional tone and to create decontextualization on an image.
I work to engage the viewer. My aim, to unleashed dynamics that bring ambiguity and uncertainty to our social scripts.
I often work with dancers and musicians. There’s an aura of energy and time precision to them, to their movement, their stillness, their sound and quietness. I work to capture the moments in between, the intuitions, sensualities, premonitions, psyches, anxieties.. the blur: the place with less certainty.

Caroline Conejero is a New York-based photographer who works also in video and documentary. Her work focuses on urban landscapes and social habitats from the conceptual to the abstract and eerie.

She has published work as a photojournalist for Spain’s national newspaper Diario 16 and exhibited in art shows such as New York Pool Art Fair. Her video work has been selected and shown at Region 0 Video Art Festival in New York, Mexico, Cuba, Spain and Italy.

A journalism graduated by the Madrid Complutense University, Caroline holds a Master degree on International Relations. Additionally she studied film making, photography and video at the TAI New School and ICP in New York. A journalist and news director/producer for broadcast news for many years, Caroline returned to photography and video work. She has also written and directed three documentaries.